My first Indian Street market in Pune

Up to now I have been following all the sanitary advices I got from my most Indian “experienced”   friends. This means that the only unforseen culinary event has been eating the buffet prepared for us by the staff that we are training here in the office.
This is only a small part of all the food they prepared for us. 4 different curries, 3 different breads, 2 different rices, a chicken biryani, peas and paneer, and 4 different sweet dishes. The obvious funny thing is being told a dish “is not spicy” and then finding it spicy for my European tastes. 🙂 it is an obvious difference in degrees of spiciness in different areas of the planet.

I really enjoyed all the food that has been prepared for us. They have all been so kind. I like when people are proud of their culinary tradition. 😀

Sunday has been a day of sightseeing around the city. We really underestimated how crowded can be a temple on Sundays with the result of been able to see Ganesh Temple – Dagdusheth Ganpati – only from outside. We then headed to a big Street market nearby. The last hop of the day was the Shaniwar Wada Fort where unexpectedly we turned out to be the attraction for some young locals wanting to take pictures with us (sooo weird!) 😁


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