My first Indian birthday 

Basically the most important event lately has been my birthday 🙂 

It has been a working day in the office. I have had a double lovely surprise: I finished my shift at 00:30. The team had the “happy birthday” song in the background music and this has been a huge surprise for me. 😊

The next day, was working again and at around 6pm  a cake appeared on the floor surprising me again. Is Tradition in India to give cake with hands to the one who is celebrating birthday, and also to spread cake on the face. (I have missed this second step.) it has been a completely unexpected part of the celebration. One of the lovely ladies I am working with, her name Ashwini took me a typical local “sweet bite”  made with garam flour that I liked very much. I looked for the recipe online and I will try to replicate that once at home. 

Last but not least I also had a loved dinner next day with Ilaria and Luigi at the Hyatt Pune Hotel And got a second yummy cake.  


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