Pune day 5. Me and my ginger tea.

Today I was not feeling like eating anything but I felt like I needed a big ginger tea.

So I went on the ground floor in the IBM canteen and tried to order a double ginger tea.

“how much is a double ginger tea? ”
” 50″
“How big is the double tea? ”

He shows me a paper cup smaller than a mug.

” here on the board the price Il 10, how big is the regular one? ”

He shows me  paper cup that is half the previous one.

” is the big one the double of the small one? ”

He is not fully happy with that, but says Yes.

” so how much will be the price? ”

” 20″

“fine. It is with no milk, is it? ” I ask two times.

He moves his head, pours the tea in a side and I can not see what he is doing, but he handles me something that is not transparent.

OK. 20 rupees for a tea that I have thrown away.
(note to self: Next time leave it on the counter).



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