tutti a rroma

vado a sciacquare i panni in tevere, a fare pratica di cose che ancora non mi sono chiare 😉
vado più che altro a fare la turista, vedo cosa posso fare per venerdì ,
sabato sera la cena e poi domenica il piu’blogcamp

statemi bbene

io intanto dovro fare una LUUUNGa chiaccherata con Brezny che stavolta proprio misà che ha toppato alla stragrande:

Hell isn’t an imaginary place dreamed up to scare the faithful, according to Pope Benedict XVI. He says sinners are actually tortured by fire for all eternity. My opinion is that his crazy talk is less worthy of consideration than the rants of the homeless guy downtown who thinks evil reptilian extraterrestrials have taken over George Bush’s brain. To prime you for this week’s advice, I ask you to purge any tendency you might have to believe in cartoony notions of hell like the Pope’s. That will free you to meditate on the possibility that we do in fact ultimately suffer for the pain we cause others. Not by being literally tortured in a demonic realm, not at the hands of a "devil," but rather by the ugliness we have unleashed inside us. It’s a good week for you to spend quality time in your personal hell, Cancerian, making up for any hurtful or greedy or unconscious things you may have done in 2007. (P.S. You’re not any guiltier than the rest of us; it’s just that this is a good time for you to atone.)


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  1. stefix says:

    mi ha fatto molto piacere conoscerti 🙂

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