nessun titolo

Hello, Pikachu from Pokemon. You are very friendly
and nice, but when somebody you don’t know
comes to talk to you, you are very shy and so
scared you won’t run away. You do whatever is
loserish, and you do not fight back if somebody
is mean to you. If you had magical powers, you
would use them seriously (evilly). So,
basically, you are a wimp, a loser, and
everything NOT cool to the people around you –
even though you ARE the good guy, but if you
had advantage, you would do what is NOT
loserish 🙂

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2 Responses to nessun titolo

  1. typesetter says:

    Ecco perché il tuo cane ti vuole così bene. Il suo Pikachu sei tu in persona!!!

  2. pm10 says:


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