e venne il momento “del fare”

l’oroscopo per la settimana fino al 12 giugno recita  così:

In the film War Games, a hacker taps in to a remote mainframe and begins to play a game he finds there. As it turns out, the mainframe is an artificially intelligent supercomputer that serves as hub of operations for the U.S. Air Force, and the game has real-world consequences. The hacker inadvertently triggers a cascade of events that could launch an actual global conflagration. After many scary plot turns, the danger of disaster dissipates when the supercomputer makes a momentous decision: The only way to win the game is to not play it. That approach could work well for you, my fellow Crab. The game you’re playing is nowhere near as dangerous as the one in War Games, of course, but why not play to win?


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3 Responses to e venne il momento “del fare”

  1. Typesetter says:

    Occhio che è quello per la settimana DAL 12, non FINO al 12! ^_^

  2. Un film che ha segnato una generazione. O almeno – a me m’ha segnato.

  3. @Typesetter è un errore “di sbaglio di digitazione”,il 12 che è domani poi :))

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